My teaching philosophy is grounded in a holistic conception of human being, critical pedagogy, and sociocultural learning. Justice, equality, and validity are the key values underlying the ethical principles that I strive for in my teaching. The cornerstone of my pedagogical approach is the perception of learning as a continuous, gradually deepening analytical process aimed at comprehending multiple perspectives. The interactive construction of knowledge is ensured through the use of multiple study methods (e.g. discursive, visual, and textual methods in team, pair, and individual work).


2010 – 2014    Supervision of thirteen MA thesis and external evaluation for two MA thesis at the Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä in the fields of Art History, Asian Studies and Political Science.


2007 – 2016    Lecturer both in Art History, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies  and in Asian Studies, Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki, Finland. Ten courses with interdisciplinary approach on East Asian cultural history, visual culture, aesthetics, visual arts, and contemporary art open to BA and MA students from both disciplines. For the full list please see academic CV.

Sep – Oct 2015 Socially Engaged Art with PhD candidate Riikka Haapalainen (5 cr). Art History, University of Helsinki.

Sep 2015 Visual analysis of the City Space. Guest lecture and feedback seminar at Global Connections: Shanghai course, New York University, Shanghai.

Sep – Oct 2014 Contemporary Art in East Asia (5 cr). Art History, University of Helsinki.

Nov ‒ Dec 2013 Ympäristö, yhteisö ja nykytaiteen uudet maantieteet. [Environment, communities and the changing geographies of contemporary art.] With PhD Hanna Johansson and PhD candidate Riikka Haapalainen (5 cr). Art History, University of Helsinki.

2013 ‒ 2015 Euroopan ja Aasian taiteen kohtaamisia. [Encounters of European and Asian Art.] Lecture in Art history course. Taught in three consecutive years autumns. University of Helsinki.

Aug 2012 Naiseuden muuttuvat mielikuvat ja roolit Itä-Aasiassa. [The changing images and roles of womenhood in East Asia.] (5cr) Asian studies, University of Helsinki.

Dec 2010  Anthropology of Art in a global context workshop for BA and MA students, one of the four teachers,Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global context”, Heidelberg University.

2007 – 2016    Ca. 25-30 guest lectures on East Asian culture, arts and aesthetics Asian studies, Urban Studies and Art Studies in University of Helsinki and 6 different universities in Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Helsinki and Espoo, Finland. For the full list please see academic CV.