Since 2006, altogether more than 60, please see academic CV.

July 2019   Convenor and Chair for the panel “Planetary interconnectedness with nature: Transcultural aesthetics, ecologies and landscapes,” with a talk ‘Immaterial Ecology’:  Contingencies of Environmental Experience and Ethics through New Media Art. In the ICAS 11, Leiden, 16–19 July 2019 (forthcoming).

Feb 2019    Convenor and Chair for the panel “Impartial Integration: Decolonizing artistic and creative practices in Asia,” with a talk Spectacles and social engagement of The Street Art World Ltd. In the College Art Association 107th Annual Conference, New York, 13–16 February 2019 (forthcoming).

Feb 2019    Urbanized Interface: The Power of Artistic and Creative Practices Transforming Cities in Mainland China. Talk in the York University, Toronto, 7 Feb 2019 (forthcoming)

Oct 2018    Urbanized Interface: The Power of Artistic and Creative Practices Transforming Cities in Mainland China. Talk in the ARI Seminar Series.

June 2018  Emerging Street Galleries in East and Southeast Asia: Challenges and Contingencies of Transcultural Practices. Talk in the Thirteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society: How Art Makes Things Happen—Situating Social Practice in Research, Practice, and Action. Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver.

June 2018 Translocal Urban Creativity: Worlding Hong Kong Cityscape from Below. In the workshop Movement as Interregnum: People, Technologies, Goods, and Ideas, funded by the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and hosted at the Asia Research Institute, Singapore.

Apr 2018 Re-envisioning the city through pop-up street galleries. Talk in the Cultures of Participation 2018, international conference, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Jan 2018  Co-convenor with Prof HO Kong Chong for the panel “Community Farms, Gardens and Ponds in the City,” with a talk Green Empowerment: Activism, Aesthetics and Engagement in Hong Kong. In the 14th International Asian Urbanization Conference: Sustainable Development Goals in Asia, Bangkok

July 2017  Convenor and Chair for the panel “Taking the Right to Engage: Alternative Artistic and Creative Practices for Urban Public Space in Hong Kong,” with a talk Urban Hacking as Creative Resilience for Hong Kong. In ICAS 10, Chiang Mai.

July 2017 Discussant for the panel “Urban Lanes and Neighbourhoods II: Art, Heritage, and Creative Industries.” In ICAS 10, Chiang Mai.

Jan 2017 Hacking Hong Kong: Urban Creativity for Dissidence and Social Engagement. In Imagining the Future: Community Innovation and Social Resilience in Asia, international conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Feb 2016 Umbrellas, Universal Suffrage and Urban Public Space: artistic and creative practice during the Occupy Movement in Hong Kong. CAA Annual Conference, Washington.

Mar 2016 Co-Convenor for the panel “Intervention, Engagement and Transition: The New Artistic and Creative Practices in East Asia,” with a talk Engagement with Urban Public Space: from Unauthorized Interventions to Institutional Commissions. In AAS Annual Conference, Seattle.

Mar 2016 Taiteilijoiden kaupungit: julkinen tila, estetiikka ja yhteisöllisyys. [The Cities by the Artists: Public Space, Aesthetics and Communities.] Talk in the Art, Nature and City series, Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland.

Jan 2016 Creativity, Color and Communities: Re-creating the City Across the Borders. Talk in IIAS, Leiden University.

Nov 2015 Present’s Disjunctive Unity. Constructing and Deconstructing Histories of Contemporary Cultural and Aesthetic Practices, international conference, kick-off event for the Research Network for Transcultural Practices in the Arts and Humanities (RNTP), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

Sep 2015 Interaction with the City: Site-responsive Urban Creativity in China. Talk in the Cross Currents in the Humanities Lecture Series at New York University Shanghai.

Aug 2015 Transcultural Urban Creativity and Activism in Hong Kong. Talk in the international summer school: Urban Culture in Theory and Action at the Copenhagen University.

July 2015 Urban Art Images and the Concerns of Mainlandization in Hong Kong. In ICAS 9 Adelaide.

June 2015 Aesthetics, Agencies and Affect: Art and Creativity in Support of the Umbrella Revolution. In RE:Public Cultural Typhoon, Osaka.